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I've Been There...

Hi There! My name is Dolly, and I've Been right where you are!

Graduating Beauty School, I was left without the tools or resources to actually know how to run a business, let alone GROW & SCALE ONE!

But...I knew that after finding my PASSION and focusing on my PURPOSE, I would be able to not only get out of poverty, but help others as well by TAKING ACTION!

Maybe you...

  • Are feeling overwhelmed because you are not consistently booking clients

  • Don't have operational plans and growth strategies

  • Want to quit because you aren't making enough money to cover business expenses

  • Or maybe you're newly graduated from beauty school and want to start your own beauty business but aren't sure how

In 8 Weeks You Will...

Purposefully Change your Business by having

A Business Growth Strategy
Organized Service Menu
Tailored Treatments/Services
Have Positioned Yourself as an Expert
Services That Are Priced for Profit
and Your Go-to Market strategy based on your ideal (UNICORN) clients

Lastly, you will:

Find your passion and make it your BIGGEST PAYCHECK & finally feel prepared to become a 6 figure company!

Plus you'll receive the Pretty Powerful Playbook [E-Book] for FREE! Where you can track your progress and watch your business grow before your eyes!

Establish the Foundation of your Beauty Business

These modules you will establish how to:

✔️ Discover your Brand Identity
✔️ Legally structure your business
✔️ Position yourself as an Expert

You will have unlimited access to all the course content that never expires plus any additional module releases!

Then Get ready to Grow

These modules will allow you to create a business model that is fit to scale by teaching you how to:

✔️Operate only in your Purpose
✔️ Set Your Signature Services
✔️ Market and attract your ideal clients


✔️ Retain/Rebook clients consistently
✔️ Create your Business Model
✔️ Strategically plan your 260 days to scale your beauty business
✔️Systemize your operations so you can attract and hire top talent

Free Weekly Workshop Webinars

Gain Access to our Private Facebook Group

To get the most out of your experience we will workshop together and attend live feedback sessions

"It's time to get serious about what you want and NEED from your beauty business"

I promise I'll teach you everything you need to know about starting a business in beauty

Are you ready!?

If you aren't earning 5 figure months after 260 days  of working no more than 5 days/week for 1 year if you MAINTAIN:

  • 100% course completion throughout the program
  • 100% complete action item implementation 
  • 100% participation by attending all 8 Live Workshops/Webinars with video on and engagement required
  • and dedicating 100% effort into your business...You can have Your Money Back Guaranteed!

Course curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. How to get the most out of this course

    3. Join the Community

    4. Master Mindset: Law of Attraction

    5. 10 Principles for Maximizing Your Life by Gino Wickman

    1. Module Objectives

    2. Lesson 1: Define Your Company Values

    3. Lesson 2: Define Your Mission & Vision

    4. Lesson 3: Define Your Purpose

    5. Lesson 4: Establish Your Brand Identity

    6. Lesson 5: Develop Your Personal Brand

    7. Video Replay: Brand Identity Workshop

    1. Daily Read: Affirmations

    2. Submit your Company Overview

    3. Lesson 6: Discover Your Niche

    4. Lesson 7: The Eighty-Twenty Rule

    5. Lesson 8: Define Your Target Audience

    6. Lesson 9: Prioritize Your Three Uniques

    7. Lesson 10: Develop Your Expertise!

    8. Video Replay

    1. Module Objectives

    2. Lesson 11: Become an Expert of Experience

    3. Lesson 12: Craft A Signature Service

    4. Lesson 13: Value Assessment

    5. Lesson 14: Standard Pricing Models

    6. Lesson14: Useful Resources

    7. Take Action

    8. Module 3: Live Session Recap

    9. Resources: Revenue Tracking Spreadsheet

    1. Lesson 15: Establish Your Business Structure


    3. Lesson 17: Get a CPA

    4. Lesson 16: Most Common Accounting Terms

    5. Lesson 19: Location Selection

    6. Lesson 18: Profit First!

    7. Module 4: Live Session Recap

    1. Lesson 20: Social Media

    2. 40 Instagram Post Just for You!

    3. Module 5: Free Bonus Andry Marquez & William Jennings

About this course

Passion to Paycheck

Here's what you'll get...

  • 8 Live Weekly Webinars with Dolly

  • 8 Video Modules

  • More Than 30 Lessons

  • Free Social Media Content

  • The Pretty Powerful Playbook

  • Lifetime Access To All Course Materials

  • A Scalable Business Model